Voicings Staff   Voicings Staff transcribes Voicings scores onto the musical staff. Freeware for personal use.

Software — light weight, small footprint, portable —

Voicings   Voicings is a fretboard for notation and multitracking. You can write instrument parts and create arrangements using a wide range of sounds. Shareware.



Some programming notes and source code.

ArtSage   ArtSage is a small graphics viewer. It displays the image files (JPG etc.) in a folder tree. Freeware for personal use.

Shelf   Sh'elf is an on-demand desktop with drag and drop. Good for alternate shells, or as a second desktop. Freeware.

Sutra   Sutra is a short text viewer. It periodically displays some content from a text file. Freeware.



Holohed free improvisation (2010 - 2013).

Memorabilia: miscellaneous discography.


Acoustic Brew contemplative avante garde.


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