View sutras and other verse

What It Is
Sutra is a short text viewer. It periodically displays some content from a text file.

Any text can be dropped onto the main window, to be displayed as paragraphs or lines. You can prepare files with a text editor, such as Notepad.

Features and Options

  • Slideshow
  • Hide (popup)
  • Random
  • Play Sound
  • Timers (slide and hide times, countdown)
  • Navigation (next, previous, first, last, slide next/previous, random)
  • Multiline (single/multiple, empty line separates paragraphs)
  • Caption (normal/minimal window, status information)
  • Transparent (background)
  • Background (image)
  • Fit To Font (longest line, tallest paragraph)
  • Fit To Width (current width, fit height to font)
  • Fit To Graphic (background image)
  • Justify (center/left/right)
  • Dock (center at top/bottom, centered)
  • Window ( draggable, tray icon, stay on top)
  • Select the text file to display
  • Choose the font
  • Choose the font color
  • Choose the background color
  • Select the background image
  • Select the sound file
  • Settings (save now, save as, save on exit, save file, bookmark)
  • Info (F1 menu, menu pins, menu at cursor, help, about)
  • Drag and drop (text file, inifile)
  • Command line (inifile, file)
  • Portable (no install, settings in program folder, relative paths)
  • Language support (unicode, language files for translation)
  • 32-bit and 64-bit versions included


F1 menu

Sutra transparency

Download Sutra (v1.00.0006): (95 KB) (105 KB)


Japanese Asabukuro

Lojong (nondual contemplation): (1 KB)
Lojong in Tibetan (text and font): (38 KB)

Sutra is freeware. If you like the program, please consider making a donation.

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